Dark Falz Elder Anatomy

elder arms

Left-top ~ 1st Phase ~
Left-mid ~ 1st Phase ~ destroy both arm when it use Arm Push
Left-bot ~ 1st Phase ~ when it is stunned, ignore the red Arm

Center-top ~ 2nd Phase ~
Center-mid ~ 2nd Phase ~ Arm Push v2, Ignore the middle arm
Center-bot ~ 2nd Phase ~ when it is stunned, prioritize Yellow arm
Right-top ~ 2nd Phase ~ Arm Smash w/ wave, just ignore the arm nearest to it
Right-bot ~ 2nd phase ~ After body slam

TL;DR: Priority is destroying all yellow and blue arm

Source: http://dodosokuhou.blog.fc2.com/img/up30805.jpg/

More Info: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2rwq4vm&s=8#.VBB0sfmSySo


Dark Falz Elder Urgent Quest
-> Dark Falz Arm ( Pre UQ ) ~ 30 minutes,
~ can be repeated until 30 minutes end.

-> Dark Falz Elder ( Actual UQ ) ~ 30 minutes,
~ can be done *ONCE* if succeed
~ can repeat if failed


[-] Spawns 4 Arms at once
[-] Shares a single HP
-> for example if you hit Arm A, the “Invisible” Total HP will decrease
-> then you hit Arm B, the “Invisible” Total HP will also decrease

[-] Area
-> “Avoid” going to the other half part of the platform from the place where everyone started ( you can still go there )
-> Falz Elder usually throws the following from time to time,
– Laser Beams ( Range is up to the other half part of the platform )
– Ice Meteor ( Can hit anywhere, Freezes anyone it hits )

[-] Weakpoints:
-> 3 Heads
-> 2 legs
-> Rear

[-] Noteable Notes
-> Can be stunned by Lightning Attacks from Force
— you can view the video I linked below, 2:50 show elder got stunned

-> Destroying the arms is *Optional* but required to increase drop rate

[-] Breakable parts: Arms

[-] Weakpoints
-> Core:
– The core will be exposed later when he removes the arm blocking it
usually after breaking the first set of arms

-> Arms:
– Wrist ( the one the connects the hand to arms )
– Red Core @ Palm ( can’t break the arms thou )

[-] Attack Patterns

Note1: stay near Elder’s core, it is one of the safest place
Note2: Most of his attacks can reach the whole platform, so once again, stay near Elder’s core
Note3: Staying near Elder’s core got one benefit, you don’t see his arms if its going to shove laser at you
Note4: Watch out for redish aura summoned on ground, it is an “Incoming!” Notifier

[0:39] – Arm push v1
– not much damage, still hurts

[2:09] – Arm push v2
– Way too faster than v1
– Still hurts like hell
– Attacks twice

[0:50] – Laser + Ball Combo
– usual attack pattern
– easy to evade

[1:33] – Long range Ice Meteors
– seldomly used
– easy to evade
– can freeze on hit

[1:51] – arm smash w/ wave
– the waves actually moves fast
– and yes, it hurts too

[2:22] – Arm smash w/ wave + Laser Combo
– like before, waves moves fast
– lasers are easy to evade if you evade to the right place

[2:31] – Arm smash w/ wave + Laser + Ice Meteor Combo
– like before, waves moves fast, i swear
– lasers are still easy to evade
– Like what i said @ Note4, just watch out for those red auras @ ground, it means an incoming Ice Meteor
Note: The ice meteor came from his hands, which explains why that ice meteor came from that direction
– Elder ends it with another arm smash w/ waves

He also have 2 types of “Vacuum” attacks
[] first: Elder will vacuum everyone to the center and body smash everyone with his core
[] second: Elder will vacuum everyone to his usual place and make that Vacuum explode

Elder End

Aye, that’s all!!
Goodluck on Elder Slaying

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